Toi 'The Bamboo Shaker'

The third runner-up of Astro’s Akademi Fantasia season six, Khairul Nizam Baharom or Toi, is not just a singer. He is also a multi-talented performer and musician who won 2 Gold Medals in the World Championship of Performing Arts in Hollywood in 2005 for playing the Angklung.

Toi has been playing the scintillating traditional bamboo musical instrument for 13 years and the guitar for 11 years. Singing and dancing are in his blood, especially traditional dances such as zapin and joget. Besides performing in Hollywood, Toi has also played the angklung in Denmark, Dubai and Jakarta.

Nowadays, he is a favourite choice when it comes to cultural performances overseas to help promote the country.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Muhammad Ardabilie

Tahun ini Billy berumur 5 tahun. Seperti kanak-kanak yang lain, tahun ini Billy memulakan alam prasekolah yang berhampiran dengan tempat tinggalnya. Untuk pengetahuan semua, Billy ni pandai bergaya di hadapan kamera....sama jer macam papanya.

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